Friday, April 1, 2016

Why no blogging, you ask?

About two months ago, the letter's B & N stopped working on my laptop.  I am either too lazy to figure out how to fix it, or too cheap to get a new one.  So I bought an attachable keyboard.  Now, if you have used a laptop for a long time and switch back to a keyboard, the struggle is real.  I will break down soon and find a permanent solution, cause it is a major drag, but for now...I will try to catch up on the posting.

The last month has been insane.  I moved.  My day job is kicking my ass.  Easter.  A son with the flu.  A vacation that I had to cancel.  Even my coaster zone has been off.  My plan for the weekend is to get it back.  I have a few new things I want to try out.  I have a few old things that need redone.  As usual, it is a work in progress.  A lot like me, evolving daily...

Until know where to find my goodies.  Look for new stuff coming soon!

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