Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Change of scenery, yes, please!

The posts seem few and far between these days.  My apologies.  Moving, mom-ing, working, living, coastering...the usual for all of us.

I had 4 sales in the last week, and I always contemplate putting the shop on sale when I have sales...but I like being able to refresh and do new things.  Sometimes I can't justify adding to the coaster creations when I have sooooo many, but isn't that the fun of it. Making so many.  I am at a weird place, where it is, and it isn't about the money.  I like production.

It is probably the same reason that I don't get to work in a store at my day job anymore, sometimes I like to see people smile, more than I like to make money.  Flawed?  I don't know...

I am putting the shop on sale again though :) Happy Shopping!  It will justify me adding to the shop, and we all know, we want me to do that!

Ready, set, GO!!! >>>  Click to Shop!!! Sale through 3/13/16

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