Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Back to the Grind

I have been a little behind in the coaster world the last few weeks.  I am just finishing up moving and am still a little behind, but did want to make time for a little update this morning.

I am certain that anyone with an Etsy shop, especially one with lots of items, knows that moving is a challenge.  I still haven't set up my new work space, so any store updates are still a little behind, but I am still selling and shipping.  I actually did make some new items before I packed the supply area up too, but it will most likely be Sunday before I get those online.

I am still pleased with the success I have had, and even with the acquisition of a new, big, project at work, I press forward.

Things to come soon - make sure to fave my shop so you see them first:
Smurfs - super pumped about that
Alice in Wonderland - these are SO awesome I can't stand it
Baby shower swag :) Perfect for reveal parties and party favors
And my personal fave - some Halloween stuff - it's never too early.

I am letting some listings expire because they were from when I first opened my shop and the photos need redone.   I can look at my shop and see how far I have come :)

I am on most social media now
Insta: Jenns.Coaster.Crazy
Twitter: Jennscoastercra
Facebook: jennscoastercrazy

and more I can't remember.

Right now I have 10 of my most popular sets on sale for $10 - That will run through Sunday :) SCORE!
Gets yours before they are gone!

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