Saturday, January 9, 2016

Oh blog, how I have neglected you...

To say I have had a busy few weeks would totally be an OVERstatement.  Christmas, New Year's, Flu, Stuff, Work, more Stuff...the blog is the last thing on my mind, but JennsCoasterCrazy is always floating towards the front.

I have been working on new stuff and creating a "big picture" for the new year.  I had some uncertainty about what I was going to do with this Etsy biz after Christmas, and the good news is, I have decided to keep it.  It's a girl.  :)

I have had my dad working on a prototype for something I think will be pretty flipping awesome, but right now, the peanut gallery says it is too heavy.  I may drop it in for a test run this week and see how it goes.  It is perfect for Valentine's day.

I have also been considering opening a 2nd Etsy shop.  To know me, is to know that I have to have 5-6 things on my plate at the same time to really be at my best.  Once Christmas past and sales slowed a bit, I need my hands busy again.  I have looked and looked at different things, but tonight I think I have come up with what I want to do.  Something I like to do.  And most importantly, something I can be proud to set up and sell.  It is a fairly inundated market, but that is half of the challenge for me.  Making my mark in an overpopulated area is what I would consider a success.

In the mean time, while you are waiting for all of my fab new things, shop away >>>>> Click the pics and head to my store.

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