Thursday, December 3, 2015

Learning as I go...

I feel like I am winding up, to wind down.  I guess I started my Etsy shop at the right time, because I think I have done pretty well with it so far.  I have 2 craft shows to do, and after that I think the holiday buying season is probably over, but I really have no idea.

I have been working on new stuff for Valentine's day already, and am really excited to have branched out into one of a kind items.  I was very sad, and very happy, that I sold both of my one of a kind Rudolph sets.  They were easily the ones I have loved the most, and I hope that whomever bought them, loves them!

My new faves are the twinkle twinkle little star set.  I kind of imagine them in a nursery, by mom and dad's gliders and they rock their newborn to sleep.  Or maybe I am just wishing my kids were little again ;)

I really have no idea what I am going to do with JennsCoasterCrazy after the new year. Thoughts?

While we are is o.k. to shop >>>>>>

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