Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Keeping Busy Coastering

I am pretty excited to say that I have had 9 orders in my Etsy Store in the last 3 days!!  WooHoo!  I would be lying if I didn't say I am amazed.  If you don't know how this all started for me, you can read it HERE! 

I really was just looking for something to do, so I wouldn't take 3 naps a day and send my domestic attorney 100 expensive emails.  I never really thought I would sell anything.  I just needed something to fill the time that life was taking from me.  But then I did need to have some sort of return on my investment because my attorney was sending me bills and I was pretty sure she didn't want paid in coasters.  No matter how cool I thought they were, I was spending money coastering, that needed to go to her.

With Thanksgiving approaching, it seems like a good time to remind myself how truly thankful I am.  I do have 2 sons, and even though one of them is off the radar, they are both healthy and loved.  I am healthy and loved.  Even through the trying nature of a custody issue, you have to be able to know there is goodness somewhere.  There is.

I have a good job, and countless opportunities.  I am not without food, shelter, or clothes.  My children have no needs that aren't met.  My family, when not totally disfunctional, is completely supportive.  I have no complaints.  And honestly, selling coasters on Etsy, makes me have less complaints, because I know exactly how lucky I am to have sales at my Etsy Store.  I have read, studied, learned, read, observed, and then did it all again.  I have worked at it.  Just as I do everything.  I am proud of what I am accomplishing AND my attorney keeps getting paid.  That is normally where I insert an obscenity, but I don't feel my blog is the right place for that 10 letter word.

Happy Thanksgiving Early

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